Memory unpacked project

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund 

Memory Cafe visitors creating memory boxes.

The project started Sept 2022.

We offered 32 sessions from Sept 2022 till June 2023; 24 sessions at Barbican library, 6 sessions at Subco and 2 sessions at London Working Community office spaces (city of London).

We had 65 participants in total from all ethnicity, ages, sexes, abilities.

In these sessions participants explored various topics for memory boxes.

Decorated art box

The chosen topics were : London places of interest, food, London famous green spaces, London fashion from 1930s till 1980, exploring London diversity through festivals, favourite childhood stories visiting London etc. We had two speakers; a writer who written her memoirs and London in 1960s and a historian from London metropolitan archive, who spoke about various history of London architecture, green spaces etc. and its history.

Participants discussed on their chosen topics and illustrated through painting, printing, drawing ,collages , letters, poems, picture stories with the guidance of project artist and manager. They were also given various objects such as candles, 3D wooden trees etc. to paint & decorate in order to reflect memories about festivals, customs etc.

At the end they painted the final boxes and filled with their works.

The project artist completed all the boxes for the hospital patients.

Open art box